What This is About

You can be a voyeur into my development of recipes, services and help that I will bring to the public.  My core belief is that people should stop consuming nutrients just for energy and INSTEAD eat food for life,  life celebrations and connections!  People need to stop believing that chemically produced and scientifically engineered “products” that you digest for energy are good for you.  Ask yourself why diseases are present now that weren’t 20-30 years ago.  Ask why obesity is at an all time high.  While not solely the reason, it can not be denied that our consumption of processed foods plays a toll on our bodies, especially our endocrinology.  Your endocrine system essentially controls everything.  I promise I will not always preach on this, though it is the basis for all that I publish and I am happy to answer questions.

This blog will at times talk about what I am doing to gain popularity and following for my ideas, recipes and help.  It will provide health and wellness information.  It will provide you with recipes and tips, answer questions and ask for your input.  It also will be peppered with my personal stories and observations as I move on this journey.

Most things will be covered by what I call “Wholey Experiences.”  This is recipes, tips, facts and much-needed information on eating whole foods in a way that improves your body and its function.

With time, I will have other categories that discuss events which I attend or am a part of, and my recommendations and reviews of products and places.  There will also come the joyous creation of a category for my own products.

I believe this is a pretty complete overview of this blog’s purpose, mentality and future.  I hope you find this entertaining and informative.  But may you also find a “Wholey Experience!”


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