In Honor of Earth Day

Here are some simple tips to honor Earth Day and will improve your health and environment:

Eat natural foods always!  Organic as much as you possibly can.  (I know the cost can be prohibitive) The practices of growing food, rather than producing are better for the environment and MUCH better for your body.  (Remember if it doesn’t grow in it’s momma’s belly or out of the ground-don’t eat it)  Eating seasonally makes it much easier for you to use your local growers and farmers’ markets to get your fruits and vegetables.  If you are not sure if they are pesticide free, ask!  Buying locally…healthier for you, healthier for the environment, great for local economies.

Eliminate using plastic.  This means plastic wrap, plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic containers.  If you can’t eliminate your plastic containers at least stop cooking in them.  The process of making plastic products is not only harmful to our environment but studies show that food and beverages held in plastic, especially when heated, will absorb harmful chemicals.  It’s the quantity that counts.  Think about how much of your food and beverages come in plastic or you put in plastic?  That’s a lot!! Use wax paper for wrapping and to cover a dish while heating .  Use foil over that if you are freezing or freeze in glass containers.  Use glass containers for saving leftover and to reheat in.  Glass container are much easier to find than they were even a year ago. Look for them at flea markets, yard sales and consignment shops.  Glass containers were very popular prior to the 50s.  Grandma may even still have some.  And of course, we have all seen the stainless steel travel mugs and sport bottles that are now so readily available.  Use a home water filter system (pitcher or faucet type) and fill up stainless steel vessels so they are ready for you to grab on the go.  It’s no secret we should be drinking plenty of water.

And one of the most common suggestions EVER…walk.  Walk as much as possible to run errands, visit a friend or heading to the library. It might seem like how can just a little bit of replacing your driving with walking really make a difference?  It adds up!! The more you do it and others do it, the more the effects are noticed.  This not only helps the environment but also has health benefits.


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