Spring Has Finally Sprung

I didn’t think spring was ever gonna get here this year.  It’s been like torture for a sun lover such as myself. And for me, one of the best parts of the weather turning warm is the fresh foods.  We can finally get fruits and vegetables that haven’t been trucked in.  And if you think there’s no difference, I assure you, you are absolutely wrong.

When thinking of spring vegetables, I always think of asparagus and spinach.  I’m not really sure why.  It’s just always the two farm fresh things I want as soon as the weather starts to turn warmer.

The asparagus is known to be exceptionally good for you.  It has such an interesting history.  First of all, it can amazingly grow up to 10 inches in a day!  (We definitely want those kinds of nutrients in us.)  There are also male and female stalks.  It’s kind of prehistoric looking, because it is!  It dates back to our reptile age and if left to continue growing, will actually become an inedible fern.  Who knew?!  Now combine its unique past with the fact that it contains some strong cancer fighting properties and rutin-which helps prevent small blood vessels from rupturing.  This rutin can be used to ease heart palpitations, the gout, rheumatism, edema and is an antidote to effects of x-rays and radiation.  It also is known to soothe internal membranes and help relieve kidney problems (Do not use if kidney inflammation is present.)  And the more traditional healthy things we recognize, it contains Carotene (vitamin A), Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Selenium, Potassium and Zinc.  That’s pretty chock full.

And our friend spinach…I don’t think many of us think that much of spinach.  It doesn’t “appear’ to be excepional in any way.  We know it’s a dark green, leafy vegetable so it has to be good for us, but did you know that spinach has the highest amount of protein in any vegetable?  It’s true.  But Popeye got it all wrong with the iron.  It is not the highest in iron.  Spinach has a healthy amount of Carotin, Vitamin C, Calcium and Phosphorous.  Spinach helps to support the functions of the large intestine, liver and stomach.  It also supports vision.

The asparagus I love to cook on the grill or roast in a pan.  You can blanch it while in season and freeze it for yourself to be cooked at another time.  The spinach, I mix raw into salads or use it as salad base entirely.  I add it to all kinds of dishes though.  I also wash and freeze this when it is in peak season and the cheapest.

This weekend I am going to try out creating a spring vegetable frittata, without a cast iron pan mind you.  We’ll see what the final outcome is and then I will get it up for you, under “recipes”.

Indulge in this time of year.  The flowers and trees are blooming.  The whole world is coming alive.  Let this be the time of year we celebrate the abundance that surrounds us and awaken our own senses and sense of self.  Try something new.  Be adventurous in your thoughts.  Take more time to appreciate the beauty around you.  Find those moments to just breathe.  Everything is alive, and so are you.  Don’t forget that!


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