Marilyn’s Iconic Dress Scene

That’s the visual metaphor I have for my life right now.  I can feel those winds of change blowing through my hair, lapping at the bottom of my dress…  I personally love it and try to create it in my own life on purpose.  This morning alone I thought about changing career paths, changing where I live, changing houses and changing my last name.  That is in less than an hour, on one cup of coffee.  I’ve always thrived on it.  It’s why I am a great multi-tasker.

When we get really honest with ourselves about change in our lives what do we see?  For some people, if they could stay in their routine, stay in their same house only going to work and coming home every day, they’d be in their glory.  Then there are those like me that seem to be an adventure seeker, on some level (because I have no interest in sky diving!) or another, creating this change in our lives as much as we can.  I think the reality is, when we get honest, both ends of the spectrum are about control. 

Some of us keep everything the same because it is familiar and safe and we have control over those aspects, if nothing else, in our lives.  And for those of us that are looking to move to a new town, try a new job, do something crazy with our hair-creating these changes is exactly the same as for those that keep everything the same.  This “creating” change is our way of controlling some of the aspects of our lives when we can’t control others.  This constant sense of change feels safe, familiar.  We know that you can never truly predict what will happen so we keep an ever changing environment for ourselves to feel safe and familiar in an ever changing, unpredictable world.  So really, it’s all the same!

So what brought on this little philosophical delving this morning?  I guess I realized how much change I was thinking about creating for myself and it struck me, “why do I do this regularly?”  And “Why are some others so afraid of change?”  Taking a look at it, the truth is it doesn’t matter what end of the spectrum you are on, we are essentially the same.  Funny in how many opposing viewpoints and personal philosophies we are all actually, fundamentally the same….now that’s a whole other thought for a different day!


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