When I Grow Up

I am obsessed with the new business TV shows, websites, new stories, whatever. As soon as I opened my computer this morning I saw Yahoo had a story on simple but smart ideas. The last thing I watched last night before bed was a dvr’d show called “Shark Tank”. I watched “Next Great American Restaurant” with grand loyalty and subscribe to Springwise. And there are many other tv shows, of little popularity, that I have sought out and stayed loyal to just to see what “grand” idea someone was going to come up with. I don’t care if it’s a household product, piece of exercise equipment or a restaurant. If it came from someone’s mind and heart with potential to make money, you have my interest.

What is this obsession of mine to follow business ideas and those with new concepts as they embark on their entrepreneurial adventure? I think it stems from the idea that I’m not sure what I will be when I grow up.

 Interestingly, I’ve experimented a lot in the last 34 years and find myself not a bit closer. I wrote my first business plan when I was 19. Opened an entirely different kind of business, with another plan, when I was 23. I currently have two business plans that I am working on now. Before during and after those, I have sold real estate, Mary Kay, promotional products, consulting services and other things that could be considered “your own business”. Some where along the line I was bit by a great big, giant entrepreneurial bug.

So we know why my obsession with following and learning about new businesses and products. But what about America’s fascination? There is some attraction to it or else Yahoo wouldn’t have made it a lead story on their website today (even if it is a slow news day). Here’s what I think it is…I think it is in the basic fiber of all of us to watch people have a dream they make come true. It is the essence of the American dream. For me watching these contestants on the “Shark Tank” that have a really great idea and great story get the deal, well I clap with glee like a seal at the aquarium! I love seeing it. I think the rest of America does too. It sparks a bit of hope, and creates just the smallest renewal in possibilities in each of us. It bubbles up in each of us the creativity and inspiration we have all found in ourselves at one time or another and we have a bit of self pride about it. We smile upon it, ourselves, with a moment of fondness. I think watching these people come to the front with their business idea and succeed strikes a chord in each of us. For those few minutes of programming help each of us remember to believe that anything is possible.


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