What Kind of Butterfly Are you?

This past weekend, I know three different people who got married.  One being my brother.  Who knew love was so alive these days?!  It seems as if our focus has gone from trying to make a happy, content life to worrying about job security, failing economies and wars in all parts of the world.

Maybe it is time for us to become a little more selfish and start to focus more on our own personal lives and how we can make them more enjoyable.  Let us become a little less focused on the world’s impending doom.  What if creating more happiness in our own lives, resulted in more happiness in the world, ultimately resulting in a better place to live-which makes more people happy with their own life, and so on and so on.  Is it ridiculous to think that we have such power?!

Maybe not?! Every day someone, most often unknowingly, effects your life.  Every day you, most often unknowingly, effects someone else’s life through a decision you made, an action you took or a simple smile on your face.  What if each of us decided every day to concentrate on just bringing more love and happiness to our own lives?  Is it possible, through what some call “the butterfly effect”, that we can actually not only make our personal lives better, but ultimately make the world better?

Interestingly, I meant for this article to be about finding love.  The idea of getting we (“single-people”) a little closer to a meaningful, romantic relationship.  And somehow when I began typing, the words started flowing and it led to a deeper conversation about more than romantic love, but the love for self which is truly the love for mankind-if you dare believe that way.

Let me close with this…the monarch is often the most recognizable and, perhaps, “famous” butterfly type.  They are known for their migration patterns which lead them to look for warmth all year long.  They do this for their own comfort and survival, yet the bi-annual northward and southward migrations result in people all over the world experiencing their beauty.  Giving people a chance to let the brightly colored wings bring a little delight to their day. 

Perhaps we should consider the monarch selfish for moving all around the globe to do nothing more than make themselves happier? Or perhaps, we take a lesson and learn that making our own happiness a priority inadvertently effects others and has the power to result in more happiness unbeknownst to us?


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