Having a “Wholey Experience” Includes a Holy Experience

This week’s post may make some of you uncomfortable.  It is definitely going to delve into an area that I try not to touch, because people can be so easily turned off by it.  But the reality is, this blog is called “Wholey Experiences.”  That’s about creating your whole self and your whole life.  I like to believe that part of that is eating whole foods, but I digress. 

An important part of creating a “Wholey Experience” of your life (just my opinion) is finding THE Holy experience in some form on a day-to-day basis.  Many, if not nearly all of you, have no idea that I spend a large portion of my day trying to create a closer, deeper and more true relationship with God, or the Universe. (But that is just what I call it.) I spend much more time and effort than most regular Sunday church goers.  It’s a daily, if not more like hourly, practice for me.

I had decided quite some time ago that my spiritual beliefs were important in my life but did not necessarily fit into a indoctrinated “box” that could be identified to one man-organized religion or another.  My beliefs are true and simple…

Bring love to every person, every event, every decision and thought ALWAYS.  Much easier said then done.  I’d like to make the special note here that I have not mastered any of this, but I try every day and that is just as important.

I do not judge others.  Nope-not for anything.  I am not more right than anyone else. I don’t have it more figured out than anyone else.  I believe that we all have the exact same opportunities to have a relationship with God.  I believe that we all have the same opportunity to have an outstanding life and receive his blessings.  I believe we can each believe how we want, make the decisions that we want, think how we want and that it doesn’t make anyone wrong.  It just makes them different from ours.  I believe part of the fundamentals, I learned somewhere along the way, was that we were given a choice.  And last time I checked, judging wasn’t our job.  Someone else takes care of that.  If I feel as if I may be judging, I go back to point one.  THAT is my job!

So today, while some of you may think that I have totally lost my mind, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I received a very special blessing.  See, I have been focused on trying to learn to listen for the answers better.  Often times, my own internal conscience takes over, insanely over analyzes and drowns out any chance of my possibly being able to hear what it is that I need to hear.  And I seem to be making real progress!

We’ve all heard stories of a direct message from God coming in the most unexpected package.  We have all heard that it happens and when it does you will unequivocally know.

Today, while in my model home valued at $350,000, I received a visitor.  I saw an older model sedan slowly pull up to the curb.  I saw the driver take a very long time to exit the vehicle.  As I watched, an elderly man shuffled his way to the front of the house. I waited.  Every once in a while, I’d hear a note or two whistled, but nothing continuous.  (My philosophy is love remember?) So while there is always a thought with some visitors that they are just being nosey and can not really be interested in buying, I always treat them like they are capable of buying it on the spot cash.  (No judging!)

I introduced myself and the elderly man gently shook my hand.  He explained that he had been here a year or so ago and had really liked the home.  But that at the time, he just wasn’t sure it was right.  He continued, that he now knew he was supposed to come back to the house today and find out what needed to be done to make it his.  He had been a preacher at one time and he KNEW that God had told him to buy this house now.  He knew that it was to be his and his brother had even had a dream of him owning this particular house, even though the brother didn’t know of this house.

Now many of you at this point, think this man is potentially crazy.  I get that.  And the reality is, he actually may be!  I don’t know if this man will buy this house or possibly even can.  I actually hope for him that he can because he wants it so, but it really won’t matter to me if I ever see him again.  So what is the point then?  I’m getting there…

He then moved into my “office” and took a seat on the oneside of  the desk.  I immediately took his directive and moved around to the opposite side of the desk to face him.  In a very kind, gentle and non-lecturing way he began to inform me of things that I have read many times, heard many times and was trying to grasp and in grain into my psyche.  He proceeded to share with me that God, no matter what you think, wants you to have your best life.  He wants it to be easy and abundant.  He wants to give you everything you hope, and dream, and want for.  He relayed stories and scriptures that state that “every piece of silver and every piece of gold” can be ours.  That all this really takes is our absolute faith in the power and good of God.  That He wants to give it all to us and He will, if we have faith and give it to Him to take care of.

There is no way this man had any idea that those exact principles have been the sole concentration of my life the last two or more years.  That I listen to books on cd, read books, write affirmations every day trying to get to know this more than just in my head.  I have been struggling to have more than just a belief of this idea but an absolute faith in it  andto know it in my heart, not just my head.  The longer he spoke and the more times he repeated exact phrases that I had read or heard, the more over come I was with chills, an internal warmth and then tears that filled my eyes.  I had a peaceful voice that assured me “This isn’t about buying this house. It’s about you receiving this message.”

And I know now you all think I am crazy!  It’s not a product of my recent studying of St. Joan of Arc.  And it’s certainly not anything that has ever happened to me before, or that I expected to ever happen to me.  But it was definitely more than having someone say something that struck a nerve or resonated.

Unaffected by his words and seemingly oblivious to my reaction, the man picked himself up out of the chair and asked to see the garage.  As I showed him around the house, refreshing his memory, and then provided him with contact information for a lender, I could not shake the feeling that something incredibly awesome (in the truest sense of the word) had just happened to me.  It’s now not a feeling, I know!

I will be forever blessed because an unsuspecting stranger entered my life and passed a message on to me, completely unaware of doing it.  Small moments change your life.  Simple words can effect you forever.  Always wake up each day expecting that you could receive a message, a sign or a confirmation and knowing that you could even be the messenger completely unaware of what you had just done.



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