Effecting Change in the World Around Us

As the new year begins people “turn over a new leaf”, or so they try.  We are preoccupied with making resolutions, taking on better habits, dropping old bad habits and overall, creating some sort of change in the way we are currently living our lives.  What I would like to challenge you all to do this new year, is not just create a change in your life alone.  I would like us all to commit to creating a change in someone else’s life this year, and I guarantee it will undoubtedly create a change in your own.

We are given no greater opportunities in life than those that allow us to help create a difference in other people’s lives, whether that is through physically helping them, emotionally supporting them and/or being the catalyst for a change in their lives.  And the reward?!  Well, having an impact on someone else’s life will etch itself on your heart and soul forever.  Gift you with a feeling of peace and joy that shall remain with you forever and change the way you see the world and behave in it from that day forward.

I’ve always made it a mission of mine to try to improve people’s lives anyway I can.  That is the true meaning of this blog and my services that I provide.  I do it through volunteer work, being there for family and friends to support them, helping provide a material need when possible, and promoting good works and community needs to bring awareness so that others can get involved.

One story that has touched my life is the story of Becky Morlock and her son, Kyle.  Becky was a few years younger than me in high school and her mother was a teacher.  Both were known for their sweet dispositions and kind hearts.  Four years ago, Becky decided to go to India as a mission.  While there she presented with an opportunity to effect a huge change in someone else’s life, an abandoned baby boy.  Despite be a young, single female in a foreign country, without hesitation, Becky took that baby boy, decided to save his life and raise him as her own.  Since that day Becky has legally adopted Kyle making him an American citizen.  However, Kyle has not been granted a VISA allowing him to enter the United States.  This has left the two of them trapped in India, unable to return home.  Becky has only been granted a tourist VISA,  not enabling her to work and earn a living in India. 

 Mother fights to bring son home from India

The ongoing struggling (The Morlock Injustice) has now been going on for four years without receiving the attention or resolve it desperately needs and deserves.  As those familiar with Becky and Kyle’s story have tried getting an active participation from local politicians and “celebrity” types, we have found no answer.  Though all of us continue our efforts to effect change.

When we are the catalysts for positive change and an increase in the kindness of humanity, the whole world receives a gift.  Make 2012 the year that you work to better yourself and your life by including the habit of working to effect a change in someone else’s life.

**If you would like to get involved in helping bring Becky and Kyle home, contact me for more information.**


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