Have the Zombies Taken Over Already?

Almost every where you look, you see zombies.  Yes…it’s true!!!  Well maybe that’s a little harsh.  People make decisions to stay in their “track” day after day, hardly ever giving it a second thought.  And while it’s unfathomable to me why you choose to do that, those same people look at me like I have gone-done totally lost ma’ mind!

Staying on the path of least resistance-the one that is tried and true-is what we are taught.  It’s through no fault of our own that blazing a new trail, our own trail, is a completely alien concept.  It takes strength and courage that most of us don’t even know we have and are capable of, while not one of us is left without it.  It’s how generations have been brought up and lived their lives.  They do it all with the notion that we are to be good, work hard, get a job, start a family, work harder at the same job, be totally self-less and just make it through your life. There is a black and there is a white.

“Make it through your life”…?  Really?  This is what we are handed.  This is what we get.  Frankly, I don’t understand why there isn’t a grand revolt against this cultural thought process.  We aren’t born just to survive-make it through!  We are born to LIVE and there is a huge difference.  But most people mistake those of us who are trying to actually live our lives, as being mentally deficient or at minimum, deranged.  Why can we just not conform to the mold?!  Geez!!

As I wish to not be judged for choosing the path little have known, I will not judge those that go with the open freeway that ends all too soon.  The point is that we all must do what is right for us and with confidence.  Not everyone has to choose to find their own light and life by blazing an unexplored trail.  Not everyone has to “stay on track” to find true success in life either.  We all have our roles and purposes that help us to co-create the world that is ours today and the one we leave for the future.  We must ask ourselves what part we are playing and what we are individually leaving behind.

For those of us that first remember hearing the whisper from a young age, that we were different-black sheep or weird or “not normal”-the pains of trying to squelch that whisper are as severe as those pains we experience trying to hear it more clearly, more loudly to get it the point that we are living it out loud.  And even then, so many of us still experience pain for living it out loud because the others still see us as someone who CLEARLY has something wrong with them.

For those that are choosing, or trying, to live by their own light rather than the daily sun I say to you-take comfort in knowing there are others like you.  Some have gone before and done amazing, mind-blowing things.  Be fearless in your search of your own life, not the one you are told to have.  Be proud and confident of your differences that make who you are and your life journey different from the crowd.  And maybe most importantly, be on the look out for the spark in small children and “undiscovered” others who are only still hearing the barely audible whisper.  (You’ll know them when you see them.)  For encouraging them and providing them with support eases their pain, quickens their process and also feeds you.

Do not be afraid to blind people with your light, tell them to buy a pair of sunglasses!



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