Who Are You Callin’ Fat?!

Fatty-fatty, fat-fat!   That’s what most of us think of when we think of avocados. (Or we think of guacamole!) While there is a truth to them being higher in fat (85-88% of their calories come from fat.) than just about any other fruit or vegetable, it’s the right kind of fat that is needed in our bodies and should not be totally avoided. As we have come to know, foods high in mono-saturated fats can help prevent heart disease and fight free-radical. WHOO!!

ImageAvocados are really a fruit.  But technically, more chemically like a nut.   A good source of protein, potassium and Vitamin E.  Avocados also help to increase the absorption of cartenoid antioxidants 200-400%!  Now that’s impressive and wouldn’t be possible without avocados fatty make-up.  They are packed with over 20 important nutrients we need including vitamin Bs, folic acid and the all important, anti-oxidants.

It’s always interesting to me when our bodies crave something.  While sometimes it’s just one food in specific, generally it’s a broader “taste” that we are craving. (i.e. something salty, something sweet, something fatty, etc.)  My recent cravings have been more specific.  I feel as if I can not possibly be eating enough avocado!  A few weeks ago, I wanted to eat ginger in everything.  A few weeks before that my mouth watered at the thought of cumin and spinach.  Granted, these may seem totally abnormal to you because your specific cravings tend to be potato chips, chunky monkey ice cream or a pan of brownies, but we should be mindful of our cravings no matter what they are because they are simply our bodies sending us a message.  There is something that we are lacking, deficient in, that our body is trying to get us to replenish.

So what is my body trying to tell me through a craving for avocados?  Well, it could very well be a sign that I am deficient in one of the things that an avocado is high in perhaps potassium or vitamin E.  It could be trying to tell me that I need to increase my fats because I’m not absorbing enough fat-soluble nutrients or perhaps I’m actually low in the fats that are needed for proper functioning of my body (i.e. preparing your body for mensturation or pregnancy).  There is also the emotional component. There is the chance that I am going through a particular period where my anxiety, stress or nervousness are high.  As most of us are aware many of our emotions are caused, antagonized or detagonized by the chemicals in our brain.  These chemicals could be causing a need for certain nutrients to return to a normal level-such as fats.

I happen to be one that enjoys the taste of plain avocado.  I slice it up and put it on sandwiches, salads, even scrambled eggs.  I keep hearing more and more about it being added to sweets that have chocolate in them.  Apparently its creamy texture and nearly-bland-with-a-hint of buttery flavor makes it a nice compliment to all things chocolate and doesn’t change the consistency, yet adds nutritional value.

In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I decided to honor my craving for avocados with my own version or guacamole.  It’s also part of my commitment to eat seasonally as best as possible. (Avocados are in season in California right now.)  Those that I shared my guacamole with seemed to really enjoy it and of course it’s a “whole” recipe.  I have posted it on my recipe page now.

As always, please share your thoughts and comments with me below.  Let me know how you like to use your avocados or ask a question.  And don’t forget to share this piece with friends and family by simply clicking on one of the share icons!


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