Hhheellllooo Dali!

So today I’m wearing my Dali tee-shirt. The one that has the Eye of Time on it. You know what Dali said about the Eye of Time? He said, “Man cannot escape or change his time. The eye sees the present and the future.”That's me!

“Man sees the present and the future.” If only that was entirely true. Unfortunately, I think it’s pretty sure to say that most of us see the past. The past of our’s, the past of those we know and love, past events that we can’t see to let go of or get beyond. Rarely are we looking to the future, and even more unlikely is it that we are looking at being present.

I’m not going to lie. This is something which I struggle with endlessly. I feel like I am finally starting to move forward and finally getting a grip on that troublesome mind of mine that prefers to keep me held in a locked cycle of what happened in the past.  But what I must keep reminding myself, what we must all remember, is that the past does not exist.  It’s done…over…vanished.  It no longer serves a purpose.  By keeping past feelings, actions, etc. in our sight we are experiencing a harmful mirage.  We are dwelling on something that no longer exists and allowing it to cause us pain.

So many of us feel “stuck” and we can’t imagine why or what we are to do about it.  I ask the question, “when’s the last time you looked up so you stop walking into that wall?”  Being aware of our internal thoughts and the vicious cycle that continues to repeat itself in our brains is the first step.  Once you acknowledge that you are focused on something that is not of the present moment I encourage you to gently remind yourself, “That is not the present so if therefore does not exist.  Right now, in the present, I am fine and all of my needs are met.”  (Change that little script as you need to so it feels right for you.  You get the point though.)

Ol’ Mr. Dali was a visionary and insanely genius man whose images and thoughts were beyond most of our comprehension.  The meaning to his Eye of Time may not be the most accurate for all of us, but it is certainly what we should be aspiring for.  For if the eye is the window to your soul, don’t you want it to show all that you presently have to be thankful for?


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