Get Yourself Cleaned Up

mr-cleanYou know you are a hot mess.  Isn’t enough enough?  I mean how long have you let this go on?!  Spring is a great time to clear stuff out.  Why not spring clean your body?
This is the season we often go back to eating less fats and proteins.  We start eating more fruits and vegetables, lighter meals in general.
While fad detoxes and cleanse seem to be all the rage, I caution you to choose wisely.  Some sort of pills or starvation form of cleansing is probably not in your best interest.  Some commercial ones are no doubt just total bunk.  I’m sure the psychological effect might make you feel better though.
Instead let me give you some tips that might be helpful, because you can create your own gentle detox or cleanse.  First you must decide what are you trying to cleanse or detox.   Do you think perhaps you might have a food allergy or sensitivity?   A candida over growth?  This is the time to test that out too.
You are going to want to do this for no less than three days.  If you also want to test yourself for food allergies or sensitivities, than you have to go at least seven days.  But the reality is, because you can create this yourself, you can ensure that it is balanced, healthy, and safe.  This means you can go three weeks or even forever if you really want.
Here is the part you don’t want to hear.  The things we are going to eliminate for at least three days:  ALL processed foods, wheat, sugar, caffeine (including tea and chocolate), alcohol, meats (including fish, seafood, poultry), dairy products, eggs.   I know, I know…you are thinking “what the hell am I supposed to be eating?!”   
In all reality you can eat any fruit and vegetable, nuts, seeds, beans, and true whole grains.   It is my opinion that you focus on foods and herbs that have strong cleansing and detox properties for your blood, your liver, your kidneys and colon.   But it’s also really important to be getting some source of protein and high fiber.  These two things help the muscles and organs to “carry out” the toxins that are stored up in cells.
Not to leave you hanging, let me give you some of the tops to be including for their detox powers:  celery, parsley, broccoli, cauliflower, sunflower seeds, apple cider vinegar, kale, lime, avocado, mushrooms, turnips and cucumber.  There are plenty more that you can find with just a little research or feel free to ask me. I could keep going.
Good things to be using for fiber and protein:  almond butter (pure, no sugar or anything added), apples, zucchini, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and quinoa.  But you can add any kind of bean, chick peas would be my highest ranking for added fiber AND protein.

And just one last thought…because some of these foods may be unfamiliar to your system, or it could be the “flushing” out process itself, you may want to try and incorporate some foods with anti-inflammatory and/or digestive aid qualities.  Things like ginger root, onions, basil, fennel, garlic, and asparagus.
Let it be said that all items used for a detox should be unprocessed and organic.  You will get better results from more raw consumption since the nutrients and properties will be at their highest amounts in this form.  But trust me…anything you are doing is better than not doing anything at all.  So don’t make yourself crazy about it.
In the next day or two I will put under the recipes my super human stir fry I created for my own spring detox. If you are looking for some help or guidance to create your own, or would like me to create one for you, don’t hesitate to email me.  Now go clean yourself up!

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