Let Go of my Lentils!

Legumes…we all know we should eat more of them.  But especially when you are doing it the old fashion way, there’s a lot of prep.  You have to sort them, soak them, rinse them, cook them.  And after all that, they are kind of bland.  It’s hard to really impose great flavor into them and there is often that pesky “tooting” problems that comes with beans.

But not those nixy little lentils!  I’ve sort of fallen in love with them.lentils

I’m eating them warm and spicy, cold and vinagrette-y.  I’m eating them as a side, or on top of a salad, or as a substitute for what would have been a bed of rice.  I’m getting all crazy with the lentils!

Here’s the thing about them…first of all, they cook way faster than a bean.  No soaking and cooking for hours.  You can rinse them for any dirt and debris and then cook those babies up like rice.  They have the ability to take on way more flavor than a bean, and about that gas issue…yah, none of that!  Lentils have no sulfur in them.

And the health properties of these little honeys…well they are something.  Ranked second only to soy, these legumes are a top source for protein.  So all you vegans and vegetarians, you definitely need to be getting more of these into your diet.  They are a wonderful source for blood, heart, circulatory system and kidney health.  They are a mild diuretic; help regulate the colon and prevent hemorrhoids (ouch!); and are high in calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin A-among other things.  Of course these little beauties have properties that help to inhibit cancer as well.

I’ve really been enjoying experimenting with how to “fix” lentils.  One of my most favorite was spicy lentils that I used as a bedding for a limey fresh veggie stir fry.  The lime flavored vegetables were the perfect cooling compliment for some spicy, curried lentils.  I will share the curried lentils recipe over on my recipe page.

In the meantime, give lentils a try.  Share with me how you “fixed” them up, and share this fun info with your friends.


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