Some Call You Rip…Rip Van Winkle That Is

ls there a single one of us out there that doesn’t at least occasionally feel like we just need to nap…for like 100 years?!  Some of us may even find that we are almost always tired and lacking in energy.  You can’t even remember the last time you felt well rested or made it through the afternoon without wanting a caffeine or sugar bump.

People-YawnThe thing is, you really need to identify what is causing this energy slump.  A little mid-day bump might help get you through, but this problem will just come again tomorrow.  It’s best to get to the source and deal with it there, rather than finding a temporary boost.

Your mental/emotional state can have a huge effect on your energy level and create a tiredness that you just can’t shake no matter how much rest you get.  Often fear, worry and guilt can consume your mind which eats up a great deal of energy.  The constant “running” of your brain with such a negative focus can literally and physically be exhausting.  Two great solutions, that are no secret, are meditation and physical exercise-specifically one that is a real challenge physically, not just an easy walk.  The reason for this is not always explained.  Through physical exercise and meditation we know that certain chemicals can be produced and released that make you feel better mentally/emotionally and that may also create a boost in energy levels.  But in an even simpler fashion, these two activities can get you to stop thinking, get out of your head.  Being able to put your mind at rest, be present, and more physically focused will help you feel more refreshed and energized.
There may also be physical causes such as nutritional imbalances and deficiencies.  Some of the most common may be:  1) too much caffeine and sweets-these prevent your body from naturally producing the chemicals need to make you feel alert and awake because you are artificially placing them in the body.  Excess of these two can lead to adrenal exhaustion. 2)  Dehydration-people know the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated, but few realize that one of the primary side effects of even minor levels of dehydration is feeling tired/ low energy.  3) The last most common reason is that you may not be consuming enough fat, protein, and/or good TRUE carbohydrates.  The three things so many people are trying to avoid and eliminate from their diets have very important and necessary roles.  With out the essential nutrients that come from pure, unadulterated and high quality sources of fat, protein and carbs, you are not functioning at your optimal level leaving your body working way too hard without the needed components.  This can create an extreme decrease in energy.
As our summer winds down, bringing cooler weather and earlier darkness, try to pinpoint what is causing your low energy now.  Once old man winter gets here, you’re going to have to battle the season side effects which make you want to curl up and hibernate.  So get that bounce back now.

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