I’m Not Happy and I Know It.

How many times have we heard that being happy is a choice. And we think, “Well if it was THAT easy I’d be happy all the time.”

imagesThe truth is it can BECOME that easy. But it does take practice until we can turn it into our habit, our way of being. And even when we think we are “getting it”, it’s important to remember that sometimes you are going to have a tough day.  The kind of day where you have to keep being conscious that your kind of in the “yuck zone”.

Feeling less than stellar is ok.  But don’t add to it by beating yourself up and thinking, “I should be happy.  I should be grateful.  There are so many others with so much worse going on.”  Yes, this is all very true but you are feeling what you are feeling.  Just allow and surrender to it.  Trying to force a change to a better mood or resisting that you are actually feeling anger, frustration, etc.  does not make it better.  But you CAN make it better, by acknowledging your feelings.  You aren’t perfect.  You can’t always be 100% joyful.  Some days crappy life stuff happens.

For me personally, I am trying a new practice when those irritating and bothersome situations come up which invoke a less than happy feeling.  I have started acknowledging, “This does suck, but it is also an opportunity for me to see how much growth I have made in handling these types of situations.  This is a gift for me to witness a blessing or an opportunity from God.  It most certainly is his way of getting an extra chance to show me how he loves and takes care of me today.”  Maybe that will help you too.  (Substitute God with your Angel, Universe, Spirit-whatever fits.)

The key is to be very aware of your mood throughout the day. Keep checking in with yourself to see if you are feeling happy. If you realize your feeling is less than good-read your affirmation, listen to a favorite song, think of something that makes you smile every day. Try and do something that engages a feeling of love.  It can be your love for something or someone; or someone’s love for you.

Go and get your happy on!


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