I Received a Transplant

It’s Easter.  A day of new beginnings.  A day to remind you of the indestructible light that surrounds us, and is in us.  A day for reflection and gratitude.

I actually wrote this yesterday spontaneously.  I had a moment.  One of those moments that I gratefully seem to be having here rather frequently.  I literally sat on a public bench to quickly jot, what follows, down before it was lost in my other thoughts.  I thought, “This I should share. This feeling of perfect sight that has now blessed me since my move.”  I’ve been told more than once, by new friends here, how great it is for them to hear me share something in a new way that they have taken for granted.  So here goes…

Interestingly,  as I transplanted myself to a new geographical location I seem to have also received a transplant of my heart, my soul, my eyes. It’s amazing how I now see this world which I live in-the amount of love that I feel in my heart for the simplest things that I once took for granted.

I hope this isn’t just because I’m “new” here. I hope this isn’t a transplant that will eventually be rejected by my body. I will hold onto the belief that these “new” eyes, heart, soul, will stay healthy and strong.

I wake each morning feeling blessed and grateful for the sun. I grin a silly grin to watch my cat excitedly keeping track of the activities of all the birds in our pond out back. I literally laugh out loud with glee at a little boy excitedly squealing and shouting for his dad on the pier, “dad! dad! This ones a big one.” As he reels up his fourth little sun fish in the past fifteen minutes. I am delighted, down to my soul. My heart fills, as I walk the sidewalk looking in the windows of shops and restaurants that I’ve already seen two dozen times.

None of these things are new to me. I’ve seen the sun before. I’ve seen my cat get all excited watching “wild” animals. I’ve seen children fishing and getting excited. It’s not my first time walking these sidewalks. Yet how I see and feel these every day things has now changed.

I’ve been a recipient of one of the greatest gifts a human can receive. A transplant.

On this Easter morning, put yourself on the transplant list.


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