Every Girl Deserves Flowers for No Reason

I’ve always been an idealist, a dreamer, a glass-half-full girl.  Don’t get me wrong, I can be a straight shooting realist when it comes to advice, and coaching & counseling; but for the most part I intrinsically believe all people are good, the highest and best outcome will prevail, and you can make a difference.

As a young girl, I tried creating boycotts of McDonald’s for their styrofoam containers and again for their demolition of the rain forests. My family thought I was totally nuts. I actually remember them making fun of me, but I thought even my one lone self was making some kind of drop to the cause.  

I organized my science class in 7th or 8th grade to write to Carefee gum makers to stop using two pieces of wrapping paper per stick and instead print on one white one.  This was an effort to save the trees by using less paper.  And that worked!!  They still do it today.  Who knew?!

But I don’t think that was my only successful contribution to making the world better.  I’m not looking for Oprah level recognition or power, just some way to make a difference in a semi-big way.  Leave a mark.

The other day in an effort to continue practicing what I preach, as a self-love expression, I went and bought myself flowers for no good reason.  And it dawned on me…how good does this feel?  How does it feel when someone you know gives you flowers for absolutely no reason?  How much better would it feel if you got them from a stranger for no good reason?!

And so my newest baby is born.  “Every Girl Deserves Flowers for No Reason”.  I do believe that by the simple act of people all over the world giving a single flower, a bunch from the back yard, or an inexpensive grocery store bouquet to a total stranger, for no reason, we can create a whole lot of extra joy and happiness that wasn’t there.  I do believe that creating more joy and happiness in the world is what truly has the power to change the world.

I am asking others to share in this silly, little idea by sharing the social media sites-Facebook and Twitter– with those you know.  Contact me for “Give Cards” to hand out to others that want to participate or for you to use on your own “Gives”.  Then please document any “Gives” on one of the sites including your geographical location, so that we can all see how many people we are reaching and how far around the globe this is spreading.

As the page on this site now dedicated to the Every Girl campaign says, this is a volunteer thing.  No one is making money on it, now or ever.  I will continue to pay for the printing of “Give Cards” and mailing of them, always.  If you wish to not be a “Giver” in an outward acting kind of way but want to do something to join in, that is ok.  You can spread the social media sites, donate a $1 to help cover costs, or volunteer a talent you have in some other way.  We all can make a difference and play a part.

So here’s the big idea for the day.  Launching it on June 1st, because I always love the 1st of a month.  So please…if this speaks to you in some way, let me know.  A little support and encouragement to keep moving forward is also a great way you can participate.

It’s not about trying to change the world.  It’s about creating more joy and happiness, because THAT changes the world!




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