I’ve Got a Feeling

Some times you have these occasions, or areas, in life where others are repeating the same opinion to you…over and over again.  And yet it never really feels right.  So you just can’t get on board with taking a step towards whatever they all seem to see that you don’t.

And if you are like me, like most people who are constantly seeking personal growth, you tend to be self-analyzing.  So you start to wonder, “do they all see something I don’t?”  It can be very hard to discern whether you are blocking yourself, self sabotaging yourself, just being blind to something; OR are you in fact knowing your own truth which is not recognized by others?  Geez! Can there be a bigger  internal struggle?

What happens when our world has a perception of our situation that doesn’t match up with our gut instinct, or doesn’t resonate with us?  Are two, three, even four or more people in your life all wrong about what is best for you?  How can they all be in agreement about the right decision for you when it feels so off-center to you?  What’s wrong with you?  Are you wrong?  Well you almost have to be if everyone else is in agreement, right?

If you pay close attention you will in fact experience a feeling, a resonance with what is your own truth.  Whether you acknowledge that we all have intuition, or not, there is a connection to your higher self that does send us signals about what is for our highest and best good.  You have had some experience where you can describe it as, “Something didn’t feel right.  So I went with that and I’m sure glad I ‘listened’ to that.”  Some of you may believe that God, angels, saints, and/or spirit guides give us guidance, signs and/or answers to questions when we ask.  But even if you believe in all this divine guidance, there are times when you don’t seem to be getting this outside help.  It’s in those times that I ask you to check in with yourself.

If you can be very honest with your self and allow your self to experience even just a few moments of observation or self-detachment, try to think about the possible options.  Take a moment and think about if you make choice A.  Now take a few deep breaths and stay with thinking about that decision-maybe what it looks like, how it will cause you to act, or what following through with that decision will cause you to say or action it will make you take.  How does it feel?  There will be a literal, physical feeling in your body.  Do you feel a knot in your stomach, an expanded feeling in your chest, a literal weighing on your shoulders, a sense of clarity or lightness in your head?  Now repeat the same thing for option B, and just observe the physical reaction your body has to thinking about that choices outcome.

You are never disconnected from your own truth.  Your body will always physically react to emotions and true thoughts, even if those emotions and true thoughts are not apparent to your conscious self.  There is always a literal resonance in what is best for you and your life path.  So believe and know, that when your head can’t make heads or tails of a situation some part of you does know what is best and you can tap into it.



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