It’s Woo-Woo Work

People sometimes are uncomfortable when I bring up that I work with clients on a spiritual level; as well as physical, emotional, and mental. For some, they think of spiritual as “woo woo”, organized religion, angels, fairies, “black magic”, or buddhism.

The reality is spirituality-your spiritual self-is every day thoughts and actions. Anytime you are in touch with a desire to create and experience growth that will result in a higher self, a better self, you are practicing spirituality. Sorry to break it to you.

When you consider spirituality in this way you realize that you must face this aspect as much as you do any other. If you are truly committed to creating a better life. As I always say, you get a better life when you get to your better self.

Truth behold the spiritual is often so intertwined with the other facets of yourself that you may not even think about it consciously. You aren’t just looking to lose weight. You are wanting to feel better physically, and also emotionally. This is a desire to grow and develop a better you, is it not? You aren’t just looking to end the parade of unworthy partners that keep coming to your life. You are looking to be able to attract and experience a better love for yourself, and your Self. This is what growing and desiring a best self looks like. This is spiritual work.

So next time you hear someone talk about spiritual development, spiritual teachings, a spiritual class, check it out a bit. Open your mind to see if there isn’t something that might resonate with you, and help you to grow.


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