In a direct, no-nonsense way, I help individuals discover & heal blocks, patterning, and behaviors that are holding you back from being your best self & having your best life. I have a special focus on relationships and working with men, but I help anyone on just on day to day life and issues.

Single-Serve Sessions

Just need a little insight or clarity on a situation or a place in your life you are feeling stuck?  These 30 or 60 minute reading sessions will give you the information and  incorporate messages and insights from your higher self, Spirit, and possibly passed loved ones. This is the session to get specific guidance on a situation or topic in your life that leaves you feeling confused or unsure.

30 minute sessions-$65

60+ minute session-$120

Dating/Relationship Coaching Sessions

Work with me one on one to uncover and remove limiting beliefs, blocks, and wounds that are keeping you from finding the love you deserve.  Sessions also include practical dating and relationship lessons and skill building, as well as guidance on current situations as they arise.

These are purchased in a package of 1-1.5 hour sessions that would have us meet every week or every other week for four (4) months.  These packages are life transforming and are meant for the person that is really committed to creating great change in their life.


With experience and training in coaching, as well as matchmaking, I have an 86% success rate on the first match.  My “special sauce” is my mediumship and intuitive gifts which, when coupled by my practical skills and experience, help me to truly understand what you need, want, and who will match your energy.

You’ll receive coaching before, during, and after the entire process.  Introduction to dates that are specifically chosen just for you, not chosen by an algorithm.

No more countless hours scrolling and messaging online just to find out the picture is outdated; they were just looking for a free meal; or quite frankly, seem a little crazy!  I do the first date for you, and only set up a meeting after I’ve confirmed that there is a real possibility for a connection.



Contact me now to schedule sessions.  Sessions can be done in-person, by phone or Skype.





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