What Others Are Saying

Mary’s spot on intuitive messages come straight from the divine! Her warmth and caring and clear and direct communication made her a great fit for me. Thank you so much Mary for your gift and guidance!-Lari A. (St. Petersburg, FL)

Mary is a very compassionate, loving, and a gifted woman. She intuitively connects with you, your personality, your mind and your being. With her abilities, she is able to guide you in the areas that are best suited for you. My personal experience with Mary was life-changing. I would highly recommend having a session with her. Love & blessings-Joyce C. (St. Petersburg, FL)

Went to see Mary on a recommendation when I was in town visiting. She was spot on and great at what she does. Her guidance was encouraging and I received messages beyond my belief. Mary is awesome and has a wonderful, caring, genuine, gentle spirit. I look forward to seeing her when I am back in town. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get their life on track and follow their dreams, goals, aspirations, and their true God given purpose in life. Mary will guide the way! Give her a try. You won’t regret it.-Sandy N. (Buffalo, NY)

Mary is a highly gifted Intuitive Coach. She is a caring and compassionate person who truly cares about her clients and their outcomes in life. Her guidance was an absolute gift to me. It sent me down a path of self discovery and awareness that I don’t believe I’d have found if not for her help. I am truly blessed that our paths crossed!-Rachel B. (Indian Rocks Beach, FL)

Mary has a wonderfully natural skill of knowing beyond our ‘normal’ realm. She can tap into herself & the universe in a way that just amazes me. When in need of extra guidance, she is always overflowing and so excited to share what comes to her for the growth of the person she is helping. She is a great person to have in your corner when you need it most.-Mandy C. (Fayetteville, NY)

Mary is a wonderful coach who was able to guide me through the decision making process and provide insight into directions to take. I highly recommend her!-Carrie S. (St. Petersburg, FL)

Mary is a very insightful coach. Her thorough approach and caring attitude will help you meet your goals and fulfill your life dreams! Highly recommend her!-Jackie H. (Manheim, PA)

Mary gave me some important guidance that I was looking for at the time. She was able to read some things very clearly and gave specific, action-oriented advice. She has a strong sense of intuition and encouragement to others.-Betsy A. (St. Petersburg, FL)

Mary is an Amazing, Intuitive, classy, sweetheart! Mary was one of my first new friends when I moved to St Pete and I was dazzled by her open, radiant smile and kind, caring eyes. Mary told me about how she had always “known” things ever since she was small, yet not until moving away from her home, and allowing herself to “Be” herself did she begin to open up to share her natural intuitive gifts. Mary is adored by many but I have been lucky to have her as a wonderful friend that has my best interests in mind, has always been supportive and is the voice of reason. She has guided me on so many levels. Besides doing fun friend adventures, Mary is currently my Intuitive life guide/coach and I’m loving it! I have had several card and personal readings from Mary and every time I feel a sense of peace and that I am able to acknowledge the truth of my own intuitive feelings that I usually analyze away. Give yourself the gift and let Mary help you to uncover, discover, and reveal what lies beneath all that you may not be in-tune with. I love this bubbly, adorable, brilliant, compassionate women and I know you will Too!-Maria S. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)